If you’re in the process of choosing for a martial arts school either for yourself or your kids, the options can make the process overwhelming. Not all schools are alike, and you want to make a good decision. So what do you do?

Here are four decision-making factors to consider when choosing a martial arts school for you and your family:

1. Program Offerings

Whether you’re new to martial arts or you’ve been training for a while, take some time to think about what you want to accomplish with your martial arts training.

  • What style interests you the most?
  • Is your goal to become a black belt?
  • Are you mostly curious and want to learn something new?
  • Do you care more about the physical fitness element or are you more interested in learning self-defense?

Once you have the answers to these questions, look for a martial arts school that offers programs that match up with your goals. If you’re searching for your kids, look for program offerings that promote the positive results of martial arts training, like respect and self-confidence.

2. Community and Culture

A martial arts school has the potential of becoming more than a place you go to train or work out. It should feel like a place where you fit in, and you should look forward to going to classes. The instructors, staff, and fellow members of a school create its community and culture. If you have a few options that you’re looking at, try to attend a class at each school to get a feel for the community and culture. Go with the one where you feel like you most belong.

3. Value

Cost is almost always going to be a consideration when choosing a school. However, be careful about selecting a school solely based on price. Finding the cheapest membership option might seem like a good deal, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be getting a quality experience.

4. Instructor Certifications

One aspect of having a good experience at a school is its instructors. Do a little bit of homework and find out who you and your kids will be training with. A few things to look for include years of experience, belt rank, certifications, and teaching style. Again, ask about a trial option so that you can see if an instructor is a good fit for you and your martial arts goals.

When considering the best martial arts school for you and your kids, keep Karma Karate in mind. We’re located in Newtown Square and offer a variety of programs for all age groups and skill levels. Contact us today to find out more about how to get started.