Get to know more about Karma Karate – our history, mission, programs, and location.

Our History and Tradition

After arriving in America from South Korea, Grand Master Young K. Kwon opened his first martial arts school in 1972. His school, Kwon’s Martial Arts Academy, is now known as Karma Karate. And almost fifty years later, we’re still teaching the traditional Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do.

Our instructors have over 125 years of combined training and experience, and each instructor brings a diverse and specialized style of guidance to each student. All Karma Karate students are members of the United Martial Arts Federation, a federation founded by Grand Master Young K. Kwon and his brother Grand Master Young H. Kwon. This federation guides and oversees all black belt promotions and certifications.

Students who achieve the Black Belt rank have met the high standards this federation requires of all its members. Grand Masters Kwon personally attend, observe, and facilitate Black Belt testing to maintain the integrity of this rank.

Our Mission

At Karma Karate, we provide the most comprehensive training in the art of Tang Soo Do. We help each student bring out seven core tenants:

  • Integrity
  • Concentration
  • Perseverance
  • Respect and Obedience
  • Self-Control
  • Humility
  • Indomitable Spirit

Our Programs

We offer the following programs with options for kids and adults.

Tiny Tigers – Beginning Martial Arts
Tiny Tigers is for students ages four to six. In this beginning martial arts program, we focus on building the basics while incorporating game-oriented training and practice. We emphasize increasing focus and self-control.

Tigers – Youth Martial Arts
Our Tiger program is for youth who are seven to twelve years old. There is a focus on developing life skills by building confidence in your child. This cornerstone is how we introduce the more physical aspects of Tang Soo Do: concentration, respect, discipline, and basic self-defense.

Dragons – Adult Martial Arts
Karma Karate’s Dragon program is for students aged thirteen to adult. The Dragon program focuses on traditional Tang Soo Do training and deepens your understanding of this martial art. It’s a rigorous cardio workout with self-defense, flexibility, and personal fitness training.

Warrior Black Belt Club
Our Warrior Black Belt Club is for intermediate students who are committed to achieving Black Belt status in the United Martial Arts Federation. We teach advanced training techniques, and a student must have their instructor’s approval before being accepted into this Black Belt Club.

Our Location

Karma Karate is located in Newtown Square. Classes are offered in the afternoons and evenings during the week, as well as on Saturday mornings. Contact us today to find out more about how to get started.