People start a martial arts practice for a variety of reasons. And while self-defense might be the first thing you think of when you consider martial arts training, it has many benefits beyond defense.

One of the many benefits is improving your physical fitness. So if you’re currently searching for an activity that will enhance your fitness, martial arts could be your solution.

Here are five ways martial arts will improve your fitness:

1. Weight Loss

When most people think of physical fitness, their mind immediately goes to weight loss. Though this may not be your personal or even primary goal, martial arts can help you if you are looking to shed some pounds. Depending on the martial arts style and the intensity of your training, not only will you improve your fitness, but you’ll lose weight.

2. Endurance

Another major fitness benefit of martial arts is improving your endurance. If you’re brand new to martial arts, you might find that you’re struggling to keep up with the rest of the class and get out of breath easily. But if you stick with the training, over time your endurance will improve. You’ll find yourself making improvements in your aerobic fitness.

3. Strength

One of the most obvious ways that martial arts can improve your fitness is through an increase in strength. Martial arts leads to full-body strength increases through functional movements.

4. Flexibility

The movements and skills taught in a martial arts class can increase your flexibility over time. Better flexibility can help with injury prevention both in your training and daily life. Better range of motion leads to more efficient movements allowing you to get more out of your martial arts practice.

5. Agility

Improved agility is another element of fitness that martial arts improves. Faster reflexes and quicker reaction time combine to increase your speed and help you move with fewer missteps or injury.

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