The martial arts offer a lot of physical benefits for kids. Through martial arts, their physical fitness improves through endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, and coordination. Martial arts also has the power to help kids stand up for themselves and others, which may help prevent or defuse a future encounter with a bully.

Here are three practical bully prevention lessons kids learn through martial arts:

1. Self-Confidence

Martial arts instructors teach students to be strong and confident in body and mind. They work with kids to make eye contact with others and to speak with a strong, assured voice.

Martial arts programs are also a place where kids are encouraged to be successful. The frequent feelings of small successes help kids hold their heads high and be confident outside their martial arts school. A confident child is less likely to become a bully’s target.

2. Self-Control

It may seem like martial arts is all about controlling your opponent. In reality, the martial arts focus on mastering your own movements and thoughts. Students are taught to think and assess a situation before responding to something or someone.

A child who practices martial arts will know how to think clearly if ever threatened by a bully. Rather than responding immediately, a martial arts student will use self-control to stay calm in a tough situation.

3. Respect

In most martial arts schools, kids are expected to treat others with respect, help others in need, and do the right thing. These lessons are important to kids as bullying is the polar opposite of these character traits and values.

Most martial arts schools offer group classes for kids. This means that children are immediately introduced to the importance of teamwork and respect for their classmates. Over time, kids learn to respect their instructor for the skills they can teach and share. This respect learned in class is a valuable lesson that carries over into daily life.

Confidence, self-control, and respect are skills that make kids good friends, citizens, and leaders. To enroll your child in one of our martial arts programs, contact us today to get started at Karma Karate in Newtown Square.