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Your Burning Questions Answered

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art style that has developed over 2000 years. Modern Tang Soo Do is heavily indebted to Grand Master Hwang Kee who founded the Moo Duk Kwan on November 9th, 1945.

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art stemming from traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean roots. Tang Soo Do encourages the learning of mental and physical discipline by learning hand and foot techniques, joint locks and throws to defend one’s self.

Tae Kwon Do, formally organized by General Hong Hi Choi, was geared to be more of a sport martial art, like seen at the Olympics. Tae Kwon Do is a compilation of many Korean martial arts that was unified by the Korean government after the Japanese occupation.

Tang Soo Do means “The way of the open hand”. Tang is from the Tang Dynasty of China. Soo means “open hand”, weaponless combat. Do, means way of life or art.

Absolutely! Sign up for a free week trial and learn more about how Tang Soo Do, Karma Karate, and our instructors can help you.

Our martial arts classes are fun, exciting, and never the same.  It’s a rigorous cardio workout that includes self-defense, flexibility, and personal fitness.

No! Most beginners have no prior experience and one of their goals is to get fit. Everyone goes at their own pace. Your only competitor is yourself, and our job is to teach and motivate you to your next level of personal fitness.

For beginner or trial classes, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. After enrolling we will fit you with a “dobak”, a traditional martial arts uniform and belt