The Tiger program is Karma Karate’s youth class for students 7 to 12 years old. In this program life skills are developed by building confidence in your child. This is used as a cornerstone as we introduce the more physical aspects of Tang Soo Do. Concentration, respect, discipline, and basic self-defense.

This 45 minute class incorporates various drills that will increase strength, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. While core exercises and skills learned remain the same, each class is different, keeping students engaged and interested. Positive interactions of our tenets (concentration, respect, humility, integrity, perseverance) in class transcends to the students success in school and overall mental growth.

Traits the Tigers Martial Arts Program Develops:

Focus and Concentration • Self-Confidence • Avoiding Conflicts • Dealing With Bullies • Mental Toughness • Proper Respect for Adults • Stranger Awareness • Practical Self-Defense • Respect for Self and Others • Dealing With Peer Pressure • Goal Setting and Achieving • Hand – Eye Coordination • Healthy Eating Habits