No matter if you’re training at a martial arts school or you’re training at home on your own, your motivation can fluctuate day by day. Some days you’ll wake up excited to train or work out. But then on other days, your motivation just isn’t there anymore.

Here are a few ideas on how to stay motivated in your martial arts training:

1. Build up momentum through consistent practice.

One way to stay motivated is through the momentum you build through consistent practice. When you train martial arts at the same time each day (or every other day), then you won’t really need to psych yourself up to train. When it’s time to work out, then you get to work because it’s a habit that you’ve established through consistency and self-discipline.

2. Set or modify your martial arts goals.

Staying focused and making continual improvements in martial arts can come from effective goal-setting. Setting personal SMART goals provides direction in your martial arts practice. Rather than feeling like you’re stuck on a plateau, always working toward a goal gives you focus and provides a sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goal. Make sure that you’re checking in with your goals regularly. If they ever become irrelevant, unrealistic, or not challenging enough, make modifications as necessary so that you stay motivated to improve.

3. Track your progress.

No matter what your martial arts goals might be, make sure that you have some way to record and track your progress. Some students keep some type of training journal. Others use a variety of different apps to keep track of their training. Finding some tangible way to track your progress over time is a great way to remind yourself that you are making progress. In martial arts, you might go for long stretches where you feel like you’re not improving at all. In these times, it’s helpful to look back at how far you’ve come over the past several months or even years. And seeing your progress over time can help you stay motivated to continue improving in the future.

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